Friday, 1 June 2012

To Land over Landing Pages!!

Today's blog is for all the PPC people...
I'll be telling you how important your landing pages are (of course, you'll be knowing it yourself but i'll just be throwing a bit more light over a few things).

Let's observe contradicting scenarios:

You run a beauty saloon & you've put up an advert about nail art. An interested person clicks on it & the landing page turns out to be your home page; having hair-dos & makeup bars & stuff......& there you have some linked section about nail art too. Though it's relevant but still there are 98% chances that it'll be a big turn-off for the viewer; as they were looking for pure nail art & not the show down of your whole saloon services.
So, you don't wanna do that!!

Now, the objection arises that if we don't do that then only 1 of our services will be viewed by visitors. Well, that one has a very simple solution, make an advert for other pages too. Yeah, i know it's costly but don't go after making 1 for each page (that will be a total waste of money); just focus on the most wanted services.

Coming to the design of the landing pages, people usually choose them to be different & simpler (for ease of loading) from the rest of the website. The "simpler" part is OK with me but i don't favor making them different from the website.
Suppose your visitor has landed on a page through an advert; the look or feel of the page being different from the site won't matter in this case. But now, let's suppose the visitor has actually typed in the URL of your website & is going through it page-by-page. Then, what will happen?
The whole of the website was a simple black & white combo & suddenly one of your landing pages showed up & it's red & yellow (or some other contrast)...woah!! that'll be such a big & negative blow to whatever the image was there in the mind of the viewer.
So, don't do that!!

Your landing pages are actually promoting your business, along with persuading the visitors to become your customers. So, they are really important.
Now, i know you want that whoever lands on your website must know each & everything about you & your company or business & so you either make your home page the landing page or you put info about yourself on the landing page. Both approaches are wrong!!
It takes time to gain customers...if your service page caught their interest once, they will themselves navigate through the rest of the site to see who you are & what you do.
More importantly, if they thought that you really provided them with what you had shown in your advert, they might actually spread the word around too.
So, put up the things that you have promised them via your advert & DON'T forget to put up an action-call on the page to make them instantly contact you!!
For the rest of the details about yourself, you don't wanna do that with your landing pages (unless it is really relevant to what your ad was saying).

That's all from my side...

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