Friday, 21 December 2012

Top 5 Mobile Apps for an Easy Business Life

Top 5 Mobile Apps for an Easy Business Life
In this modern era, mobile applications have become a necessity of a growing business. Whether your organization is using an iPad during business meetings with your potential clients or you are checking business alerts on your smartphone anywhere even during travel. Here are the top five mobile applications to make your business life easier.


The most useful mobile app for your business is FlightTrack that is available for both iPhone and Androids. It manages your business travels, track flights and your stay. For busy professionals, this application provides alerts on their mobiles to access their flights and even weather information on their way. It provides information about your flight status; in the case of any delay and cancellation of flight it sends information on your phone and saves your precious time.


Payroll is the most important factor of the business and it is quite difficult to manage everything right in the business. To solve your payroll problems the Paycor is the best option. You and your employees can get all information about payroll. It manages year to date deductions and you can contact anyone on employee directory. It saves the time and reduces the burden of employers as well employees.


The importance of hand notes is still there and by the use of tablets or laptops we just reduce its load. To make your presentations easier you can use Evernote and it is available for almost all devices such as windows Mobiles, BlackBerry, iPhone and iPod. Using this application, you can share any idea at any time with your clients.


To track your sales, the Salesforce is very useful mobile application. It provides all information, activities and new leads by your potential customers. You can post images of your products, update your status and post your announcements. This application is available for iPhone and androids.


Nowadays, Skype is the most common mode of communication. Skype gives you the option to stay in touch with your clients worldwide. You can send instant messages, voice and video calls and share different documents with your clients. You can easily access your contact and save your precious time.

Thursday, 20 December 2012

6 Mistakes to Avoid While Designing a Website

6 Mistakes to Avoid While Designing a Website
Your business website can act as a mainstream for your online marketing and branding. It can be a major source of communication to build a healthy relation with your customers. If you want to be a successful businessman, you need to understand the importance of a business website to your business.

There are so many entrepreneurs and small business owners who are not getting the real benefits from their business websites. It is due to some mistakes that they have made with their websites. The followings are the common mistakes that you should avoid while creating your website.

Website Layout and Design:

Your website needs to be an attractive and eye catching layout and design.  Choose a unique color scheme with two or three colors and don’t change it for every page and follow the Website Design Checklist to create a successful website. Ensure simple navigation bar and it is easy to use. If your page is long, then also use bottom navigation bar to make your website more user friendly.

Not Enough Information:

Mostly, the websites don’t have enough information. It is a big mistake. When people are searching online, they want complete information right there. They don’t have much time to send an E-mail or connect to you on phone to get more details. Remember, if the visitors do not find the information, they are looking for: they will go elsewhere.

Lack of Credibility:

Trust building is an important thing for online business and many online business owners fail to prove their credibility. Remember, you are competing with millions of websites online, if your website is not trustworthy, your visitors will not convert into buying customers. Add reviews and testimonials of your happy customers; furthermore, add award details that you have won and details about business to build trust.

Search Engine Needs:

Include relevant keywords and phrase in your content to make your website easily understandable for search engine like Google, yahoo and Bing. Add keywords in your website’s title and headings and also use alt tags in your images.

Call to Action:

Make sure what you want from visitors to do on your website and also give complete information of all actions that you want from them. If you want a phone call, provide your phone number and also provide trusted source of payments like PayPal, include details of your service provider on your website.

Assuming People will buy on First Visit:

Almost ninety-eight percent people won’t buy on their first visit to your website. So, it is important to find a way to track them. It can be via attractive offers like sample/free use of your products and e-newsletters, this way you can get their details. Ask them to join you on different social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Tips for Choosing Content Management Systems for Modern Design Needs

Tips for Choosing Content Management Systems for Modern Design Needs
The HTML-based websites and traditional methods of designing Dreamweaver, Programming, designing and editorial system has entirely shifted to Content Management Systems.

Since outlines such as Cascading style sheets (CSS), the Java and high PHP modules are developed for quick navigation and compliance with language standards, Content Management Systems (CMS) has become an important trend and the future of the Internet.

If you want to purchase a design software to meet your designing needs, it just a waste of money and time. You have to choose a Content Management System to create programs for future.

There are some tips to select Content Management Systems for modern design requirements.

Architectural Scalability

If you want full marketing sport for your design and development then your working should be according to w3c standards and CMS framework scalability should be without close-loop sequences.
In cascading style sheets (CSS) modules, all the plugin and application changes must support the architecture or face certain demise. If the architectural scalability is on the top of your list then Joomla will be at the end of that list.

Frog, Drupal, WordPress, Concrete5, Radiant are the top 5 sources which provide best architecture for your designing.

Open Source

Open source software or web applications have become a necessity of programming viewpoint because programmers easily can enter to your coding at any time. Simply look at the YUI applications that regularly add CSS framework updates to Content Manage Systems (CMS) and other requirements. If your CMS channel is closed, updating closes with it. Without open source development you have little space for growth when feature implementations are necessary.

Tips for Choosing Content Management Systems for Modern Design Needs

Drupal, WordPress, Concrete5, DotNetNuke and Joomla are the best places of Open Source currently available in the market.


It’s the general perception that our future will be based on complete mobility, even our CMS and its service platform. Easy to scale front-end CSS patrons and properly-interlinked PHP, mobile content management will rule over traditional designing applications. After this we have to look over Accessible SQL servers, mobile-friendly browsers and technically-strong Content Management Systems.

Radiant CMS, WordPress, Contao and Frog have the class in mobile content development with open source.


Security is a very important component for both front and back-end portions of CMS websites. Code protection stops hacks and sandbox testing stops publishing CSS that doesn’t meet modern security measurements. To survive in future we have to adopt major Content Management systems or planned program updates to increase coding security within CMS outlines and database programming relevant to client’s needs.

WordPress, Joomla, DotNetNuke, Orchard and Umbraco are the platforms that provide secure programming and ensure all security trends.

Database Servers

Database servers are very important when you select CMS because MySQL and Oracle look strong, speedy, reliable and compatible with the framework. Another reason is that Google, Youtube, Facebook and Yahoo are honoring SQL. It’s your own decision that which server will connect your completed CMS to databases, although the top CMS platforms are using Linux or Unix servers to boost their SQL servers.

Development Costs and Final Value

Programmers are very important for every phase of development but don’t spend hours on framing plugins or nifty CSS classes. Use CMS platforms to create easy and quick scripting updates. By this, you can get full value from your client.

Monday, 17 December 2012

Google vs. Bing - Real SEO Differences

Google vs Bing Real Difference Web Tips
Google has become the leading search engine and more than 80 percent people use it for their regular searching, while Bing still captures No. 2 spot in search engine rankings. Google is taking almost whole search, but Bing is one of the growing search engines with more than 30 percent of market share. You can drive a huge amount of traffic through Bing, but it is far away to compete with Google.

For all of your SEO needs you can consider Google search engine, but you can drive traffic from Bing. So, optimize your site on both Google and Bing. Although, the way of optimization is different for both search engines, after understanding their differences, you can run your SEO campaign more successfully.

Basic Differences:

Almost 80 percent share of whole search is related to Google. If you keep an eye on the traffic analysis of different websites, you will see huge contribution from Google. Following points are very helpful to run a focused SEO Campaign.

1-      Google prefers link popularity. It also has better link and anchor variety. Bing, being a young Search Engine, cannot yet get attention of public.

2-      For high rankings, links to your site are very important; Google gives the importance to the links that obtained from relevant content pages and have keywords in link description or body while Bing considered keywords in title tags.

3-      Google gives huge importance to the inbound links while Bing gives much importance to Meta tags.

4-      Bing gives high value to your site XML sitemap so update it on the regular basis.

5-      Forums have the better place in Google’s search than Bing. You can see forums results in your Google search.

6-      Google doesn’t appreciate .edu or .gov website and only appear in Google search if their content is informative while Bing prefers these sites with page authority.

7-      Bing gives importance to site age and like old sites while Google doesn’t highlight site age.

8-      If you search the term that has multiple meaning, then Google shows the most popular site in results while Bing prefers local results for that search.

9-      Bing like the sites that have been created using flash, but Google doesn’t give much importance to flash sites.

10-   Google is more advanced and can understand the content that is related to keywords while Bing can bring results relevant to keywords.

The above points reflect the ability of Google’s search engine and also show that Google is much advanced than Bing. However, to get the real benefits of your SEO Campaign, optimize your website on both search engines because Bing also has the huge amount of traffic.