Thursday, 31 May 2012

Life before & after Computers!!

Today, let's just see how our dictionary & visual imagination have evolved with the emergence of technology & computers.
Just a few terminologies with their old meanings before computers & new meanings after computers...

old: ability of your mind to remember, store, recall anything of the past
new: ability of your computer to store data
old: a written piece of paper to an authority, asking permission for something
new: a software running on your computer
old: a show telecasted over TV or radio
new: coded instructions of your computer
old: a musical instrument - piano
new: input device of your computer
old: a cute little furry mammal (animal, in simpler words)
new: a handheld device to move the cursor across your computer screen
old: a class representative OR watching or observing someone or something
new: the screen attached to your computer
old: a spider's home
new: interconnected network of internet sites
old: a type of flu
new: a harmful piece of code that forcefully enters your computer & replicates itself, thus corrupting your data
old: a piece of wood
new: systematic recordings of your computer events
old: a wound made from something sharp OR making slices of something using a cutter or knife
new: delete part of a text or any other thing, usually to move it elsewhere (in your computers, of course)
old: using glue to stick something OR a squishy mixture
new: moving a text or any thing by cutting it from one place to other (in your computers again)
old: a notebook
new: similar text or something at various places (yet in your computers)
old: a small piece of metal to unlock a lock
new: an alphabet over your computer keyboard
old: fastener attached to your bags or clothes etc.
new: a compressed file
old: a square (or rectangle) made in the wall of a house to look outside
new: an operating system
old: kind of a goat
new: computer memory
old: pass through a door
new: a key on your keyboard to submit or move to next line
old: move a little from your current position
new: a key on your keyboard
old: moving back
new: extra copy of your data
old: an evil old woman
new: a daily or weekly or monthly job to run a specific task on your computer
old: a place where you live with your family
new: landing page of your computer or website
old: a piece of cloth
new: temporary variables used to switch on/off a specific part of code
old: a group of students who are taught together
new: a collection of things sharing some attributes
old: to book up for something
new: part of a computer processor

So, these are some things i could thing of. There are loads of other examples like the ones i've mentioned above. So, what do you think, is the change for good or bad?? Can you think of any more examples like this??

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