Thursday, 13 December 2012

Content Syndication – The Way to Dominate Your Competition in 2013

Content Syndication – The Way to Dominate Your Competition in 2013The years of the wonderful world of SEO have gone where you could get ranking of keyword quite easily. With the end of 2012, it will become harder because of Google Panda and Penguin updates, but it doesn’t mean you can’t get ranking in SERPs. Simply, you need to understand and follow the changes that have progressed in our industry. Will you?

If you have been doing SEO for any amount of time, you already know the Google panda updates, penguin updates and other changes that they have been thronging at SEO industry. The things are getting more and more complex every day. If you can measure the changes by Google, the things will remain fine for you.

Relevant Sites Didn’t Matter in Past:

In past years, Google did not give much importance to off-page contextual relevancy of backlinks. A link is just considered a backlink, no matter where a web page getting its links from. You could get links form a High PR authority website with your anchor text and they were worked fine for you.

The things have changed a bit now. The anchor text links still work and the high PR links from quality sites are still required for high rankings in search engine result pages. The outbound links on a page are still a factor, but avoid irrelevant links because they do not work anymore.

Relevant links hold More Weight:

Google has become more sophisticated and has a clear look over websites that where they are getting their links from. By deep research on Google updates, the professional SEOs have found out that the links from relevant sites have more weight nowadays. The links from the relevant website have become important, no matter the anchor text or page rank on page. It shows the clear direction of Google and the SEOs that are using relevant sites for their links are dominating in search results right now.

Importance of Guest Posting:

Now Google is watching your link activities very closely and the links from BlogSpot and tumblr are not the best anymore. They know that these sites are used by spammers. The simplest way of getting links from the actual sites of your niche is, write good content for them and get link back to your website. You can do guest posts for the other sites and get quality links. It is the real win situation for you.

Bottom line Links:

The old guest posts have become valuable than ever before. People are dominating search engine ranking with guest posts because these links are so powerful. People can get huge traffic from guest post and now it is important to get traffic from the right spot because Google love that.

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