Friday, 21 December 2012

Top 5 Mobile Apps for an Easy Business Life

Top 5 Mobile Apps for an Easy Business Life
In this modern era, mobile applications have become a necessity of a growing business. Whether your organization is using an iPad during business meetings with your potential clients or you are checking business alerts on your smartphone anywhere even during travel. Here are the top five mobile applications to make your business life easier.


The most useful mobile app for your business is FlightTrack that is available for both iPhone and Androids. It manages your business travels, track flights and your stay. For busy professionals, this application provides alerts on their mobiles to access their flights and even weather information on their way. It provides information about your flight status; in the case of any delay and cancellation of flight it sends information on your phone and saves your precious time.


Payroll is the most important factor of the business and it is quite difficult to manage everything right in the business. To solve your payroll problems the Paycor is the best option. You and your employees can get all information about payroll. It manages year to date deductions and you can contact anyone on employee directory. It saves the time and reduces the burden of employers as well employees.


The importance of hand notes is still there and by the use of tablets or laptops we just reduce its load. To make your presentations easier you can use Evernote and it is available for almost all devices such as windows Mobiles, BlackBerry, iPhone and iPod. Using this application, you can share any idea at any time with your clients.


To track your sales, the Salesforce is very useful mobile application. It provides all information, activities and new leads by your potential customers. You can post images of your products, update your status and post your announcements. This application is available for iPhone and androids.


Nowadays, Skype is the most common mode of communication. Skype gives you the option to stay in touch with your clients worldwide. You can send instant messages, voice and video calls and share different documents with your clients. You can easily access your contact and save your precious time.

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