Monday, 10 December 2012

3 Security Tips for Holiday Shopping Over Mobile Devices

3 security tips for Holidy shopping over mobile devicesThe Holiday shopping season is now on its peak. The customers and even business owners are using their smartphones, androids and tablets to make their online shopping. Almost, one in three people of United States is using mobile devices for holidays’ shopping. And these figures are enhancing different cyber-attacks during this season. The reports are saying that the hackers or cybercriminals can access the personal information such as, name, billing addresses, and even credit card numbers. So, be careful and follow these three tips to enjoy safe and secure purchases.

Adjust Wi-Fi Settings:

Set your devices’ Wi-Fi settings on custom connect mode than open access Wi-Fi Networks. Many smartphones and tablets are pre-set to connect with different parks and public spaces and hackers can easily get control on open network and access any data flow through it so, change your device’s Wi-Fi settings and only use your trusted network to connect or shop online.

Be Careful while Downloading Apps from Unknown Developers:

If you are looking for Shopping Application, remember that cybercriminal can access these applications to get personal information and data. So, verify and check the credentials of developers while downloading apps from unknown developers. Always download the latest version of apps to protect yourself from the security risks.

Avoid Phishing Scams and Deals:

If you receive a deal from a brand, you do not recognize, avoid checking and clicking on any link or text in the email. It could be a Phishing scam or deal, where buyers drive to a fake developed website to steal their particular data. If the deal is good, verify it by typing the name of the website in your browser.

Beware of phishing schemes, which provide you the fake deals and get your personal information. They provide discounted and best possible offers to get your attraction so, it is important to do your research before clicking that particular deals or links.

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