Monday, 5 November 2012

10 Ways to Boost Your Twitter Account into a Lead Magnet

Twitter Account
Mostly, my friends, clients and other people ask me a question that How to increase the twitter followers. In general, you can use software for this purpose. You can even purchase followers or outsource it to online marketers but, actually, these efforts can’t overcome your risk because your list of followers is not interested in your product, business or whatever you want to promote. If you want to promote your business, targeted followers will be required.
You can use different applications, such as HootSuite or Tweepi to increase targeted followers each day. Create a new stream in HootSuite by entering a search for your relevant category. Then you will get a stream of people whose tweets contain your keyword and you can add them easily.
Tweepi is another useful technique to add targeted people, Sign into Tweepi and under the “Follow tweeps” click at user’s followers. Then enter your desired username and after that you will access people who have been already interested in your business sector.
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Once you start following people, there are some important points to be followed. Here is the list of the top 10 points to connect with people with similar interests.
1-      Photo of Yourself: Upload a photo of yourself because people will not follow others without a picture.
2-      Write a Short Bio: Write a comprehensive description of yourself, tell people who you are and what kind of activities and business you have. If you are a business, describe your industry and your location.
3-      Value to your Content: Connect people with interesting topics. Add content that people want to share with their followers; interesting content will encourage people to re-tweet you.
4-      Keep it Public: Direct messages on Twitter are shown private. Reply to everyone publicly and post everything open for others.
5-      Avoid Spamming: Promote your business and services with balanced and useful content. Upload at least three relevant tweets to your promotional link or give value to others to overcome spamming risk.
6-      Regular Posing: Avoid excessive postings. Make a time schedule for your tweets. You can use Hootsuite to limit your posts. You can achieve the desired results if you tweet three times a day.
7-      Retweets: If you want other people to retweet you then limit your posts up to 140 characters. Retain your tweets short enough for followers to add the RT sign and username when they retweet your post.
8-      Share with Others: As a general thought Sharing is Caring, you have to retweet and reply to others. This is the only way to get exposure to followers.
9-      Be Easy to Find: Connect your Twitter account with your website, Facebook, Blog, Linkedin or with other social networks to make it easy for people to find you.
10-   Use Hashtags: Hashtags or number signs reflect the trend of people in a particular industry. So, use Hashtags to increase visibility of your posts to the people of your relevant field.
Finally, don’t worry about your twitter account. If you follow the above guidelines, focus on targeted people and work regularly according to the trends, you will build up targeted followers in no time.

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