Tuesday, 20 November 2012

4 Ways to Get Your Client Like You

4 Ways Get Your Client to Like You for Vast Project Vision
Client relationship is an important factor to measure the success of a project and sometimes the organization as well. Following are few tips for starting, building and maintaining a successful business relationship with your clients.

Respond Quick for Positive Impression:
First impression is the last impression! If you are in a business and you are about to start a new project you must create a quick action plan and respond well to have your positive impression on client. Ultimately, the positive impression will turn into a successful business relationship.

Study your project deeply and create a list of “Quick Wins” of the project, mention your findings and issues on the project. It will consume a little time but will have a great impact on your client.

In this Quick Wins sheet, highlight the important issues of the project and break down the entire project into different phases and then assign a reasonable timeline to each phase.

For Further communications, make necessary notes and ask your client too to have a list of important points to make sure that none of the most significant points is missed during the discussion. Moreover, do not forget to add a “solution column” for client’s recommendation.

Your clients will love you for being smart and proactive!

Regular Updates and Communication
Communicate with your clients on regular basis and share with them the latest updates and the progress reports. Do consider their feedbacks and the potential opportunities. Ask them if there is anything they need to push or if they like to share ideas for further improvement, this will give you the higher loyalty points.

Why your clients will love you:
  • They will feel that they are the part of the entire process
  • You keep them in loop and give them regular updates
  • You respond quickly to push through their objectives

Call you Client:
If you are not getting responses for your queries then instead of waiting for him to contact you to back, just pick up the phone and call your client and discuss all your concerns thoroughly. It’s not even bad if you call them with regular intervals to make sure you fulfill their requirements; showing real interest in their business can turn into a great business relationship with your client.

Why your clients will love you:
  • You show personal interest and care
  • You work together for finding and implementing the quick solutions

Visit Your Client and Take Them Out for Coffee:
For a Strategic move, fix meeting with your clients and take them out for lunch or coffee, get them know you on personal level and that will definitely strengthen your professional relationship. Moreover, you can go for conference traveling or vacationing. This will enhance their trust on you and they will feel that they are working with a friend.

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