Thursday, 29 November 2012

10 Tips for Developing a Content Marketing Strategy

Tips for Better Content MarketingWeb content is closely watched by Google Search Engine, that’s why the content marketing strategy requires new dimensions to avoid the expected issues which can occur because of the changes Google has made in its algorithms. Following are some useful and interesting tips which can help you to promote your content in quite a better and smart way.

Determine Organizational Goals:
Before creating content, set your business goals and use the clear communication strategy where everything links back to your organizational goals. Each goal should be measurable and directed to a certain time period. Create unique and interesting content for every new goal to be achieved. 

Use Great Writer:
To display your thoughts and meet the quality content standards, it is advised to get the services of the qualified writers who have creative writing skills and who can write informative and logical articles on key matters of your organizational requirements.

Draft an Editorial Calendar:
Think well on your plan and create an editorial calendar for all of your content requirements. It should include everything like strategies, marketing plans, specific tactics, suggestion column, content deadlines, etc. Share it with entire organization and make sure everyone follows it.

Develop your key messages:
Key message is very important because it defines you and your product. Create attractive and relevant messages that real audience likes to hear.

Identify Target Audience:
The next step is to figure out real audience of your industry. Find and then follow them on different social media networks like Twitter, Stumbleupon, LinkedIn and Facebook, pinterest. Furthermore, find out their interests and share informative content to attract them towards your products and services.

Avoid Spamming:
Now, you can only promote your products and services with balanced and useful content, so avoid keyword stuffing and additional links to your website because this is all spam and panda and penguin are always ready to swap out the spam websites from SERPs.

Diversify Your Content:
Content Marketing gives you the opportunity to publish content on different platforms, such as article directories, Facebook Business Fan Page, Twitter account etc. For getting the required attraction and response to your content, it is advised to develop it as per the nature of different channels you are going to use.

Make Your Content Evergreen:
Your content should follow the modern trends and most importantly it must be relevant to your industry. The evergreen means your content reflects the basic goals of your business and services. So, write on trendiest topics regarding your business.

Design Matters:
Design of your website, blog, E-newsletters should be attractive and unique. If your design lacks the professional layout, then people won’t praise and spread your message and almost all your efforts will go waste.

Analyze Content Effectiveness:
By measuring the effectiveness of content, you can determine whether your content marketing plan is working well or require to be altered. Keep an eye on your Marketing Strategy and traffic to your content to figure out the outcomes of your content.

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