Thursday, 8 November 2012

Top 10 iPhone Apps for Tracking Public Transportation Schedules

iPhone Transit Apps
Now selecting a public transportation service to your native city through mass transit has become very easy. It’s quite difficult to make a correct schedule in large cities. Fortunately, professional developers of mass transit schedule applications available at different apps stores can save your time.

HopStop is a free application that not only offers detailed information and exact schedule for buses and shuttle service in the hundreds of cities in United States, Canada and Europe, but also provides the official maps, locations and transit stops. The offline mapping gives you the opportunity to browse through the stuff even you are not in the range of internet connection.

This application is developed by the University of Washington. If you are in the Seattle area, it will provide you the details of real-time arrivals of mass transit in the area. You can find the bus stops address, bus and route numbers and with the help of global positioning, you can find your nearby stops.

This App is available in various cities of United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand at 4.49 US dollars. It tracks buses, shuttle service and subways and manages your route plans and information regarding your transportation. It ensures that you never miss your journey again.

It is also free application that covers more than five-hundred thousand stops of different cities. It provides the detailed schedule of transit arrival with route maps and ensures offline browsing.

Selected in Time magazine’s “Top 50 iPhone Apps” for 2012. It provides the transit alert, schedule and information about many areas of North America.

Available at $2.99, Nextime manages your transit schedule, tracks your bus and sends alerts with automatically calculated walking distance from current location to your selected bus stop.

It is also available at $2.99, provides offline transit locations, managing trips and scheduling capabilities up to two weeks in advance and tracks the train you’re currently riding to determine if it’s on time.

It is the best mass transit application in the world and available free of cost. You can schedule and find your bus and stops.

It provides scheduled departure times of all lines near your current location and also the local business locations through landmark. You can navigate the city when you get off your bus.

The free version of the transit application covers almost twenty cities and provides information and schedule for three transit routes of your area.

Rather than stressful driving to your office and to avoid car accidents due to the use of your phone while driving, it is safe to choose public transit and enjoy your cells safely.

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  1. Hopstop is one of the good application to try because of the offline maps feature. So I don't have to use data plans.