Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Facebook Ad Tool Can Capture E-Commerce Market

Facebook Ad Tool Can Capture E-Commerce MarketFacebook is about to capture e-commerce market with the launch of a new tool that will let the retailers track the purchases by the members of social media network who would have viewed their ads.

It is said that, Facebook is taking-off this tool in response to the demand from internet marketers who still do not believe in the effect of the social network on sales. The reports said that the basic target of this tool will be the online retailers and travel websites which require an immediate response on their ads.

In this tool, Facebook will also give online marketers the option of direct marketing to a specific group on the social media network that has the similar interests and can respond well to the advertisement.

Online retailer, which has tested the new tool of Facebook, has reduced its cost “per new customer acquisition by 39 percent when it served ads to consumers deemed most likely to convert,” Facebook said. Facebook introduced the conversion that is “anything from a completed sale, to a consumer taking another desired action on a website, such as registering for a newsletter.”

Yahoo is totally confused by the Facebook’s new service and their source contacted and said that it doesn’t only “competes with one of Yahoo’s flagship ad products” it “would kill us.”

This is an important move by Facebook to boost their revenue stream. With this new tool Facebook can beat everyone, including Yahoo, because Facebook has the following advantages.

  • Facebook already has more brand advertisers than others
  • Facebook is the platform where number of users view the brand ads
  • No one has the email addresses of users who view the Facebook brand ads

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