Monday, 7 May 2012

Curses upon QA Analyst

What!! I told him thrice to get rid of this line... How on Earth can i make him understand??

My mind was racing at 120 mph...My temper reaching to a limit of 220 degree Fahrenheit (i was a volcano, about to erupt).
Sometimes, i think they do this on purpose...just to annoy me...make my life more miserable
& why
Because i find mistakes with their work.

Yes, i am a QA Analyst!!
I don't know why i ended up being one...well no, i think it was what i always wanted to be...but this was not how i imagined life (it was a fairytale).

Back when i was a student, i used to hear so much about QA vs. Developers & i used to think that i won't follow their footsteps...i'll be nice to everyone...& development team won't hate me...they'd love the way i'll help them...i'll deal with the issues nicely......(blah!! blah!! big dreams)

But once i began my work, i found that when they say "Life is not a Bed of Roses" they really LITERALLY mean it. No doubt i enjoy my work, but it can get on your nerves when you have to check the same thing for over a thousand times (not really thousand, but you feel like it's that much).

Let's take my current situation for example, this developer...i don't know what language he understands....i asked him to remove a line, a single line from a page...once...twice...thrice...but he, somehow, keeps on forgetting. I've tried everything, reminders, messages, to-dos, alarms...nothing can make him remember (i even thought about tying a string to his finger..or maybe around his neck so he remembers it with every single breath he takes).

And this other project, is nothing but a nightmare (that i encounter during the day). I found a particular mistake, i highlighted it on one the pages and asked it to be modified, assuming that all the other pages will be corrected too...but the next time i re-checked it, i realized that maybe i was expecting the other person to be a bit too much intelligent to figure out my assumption on his own.

So, here i am checking & re-checking & re-checking again for the same things I've checked a million times before & I've pointed a billion times before..
All i get in return is not the corrections but curses from the developers for not appreciating their days of hard work and finding lists and lists of errors and bugs and mistakes and faults!!
They can never see the days of hard work I've spent to make their days of hard work look and function perfectly.....

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