Friday, 4 May 2012

Story of a Logo

Hi bloggers,

I am a Logo...a logo that was designed!!
Now the story of my making might be very interesting for you, so i thought i might share it (oh come on!! please read my story).

Once there was a very brilliant mind (I'll tell you later why it was brilliant). One day that mind devised a plan to start with a new business. It worked out the details, sorted out permissions etc. etc. & then it began on how to best represent its marvelous idea. So, it started thinking...

It explored the basics of geometry...focusing on each type of shapes, lines, dimensions...twisting it here & tilting it there...
It went deep into the whirl pool of colors, looking at each shade, mixing up tones, creating combos...
I was born as an idea (see, if "I" was the creation, it has to be a brilliant mind).

The mind then searched for another brilliant mind to transfer me into, so i can be made real (yes, a designer). It was hard for the mind to explain me in words or images as to how i looked (of course, i was so beautiful, no words or drawings can possibly match up to my beauty).
& so the poor mind tried & tried & tried...

Finally, the other mind got a glimpse of my beauty too. It agreed to work on making me a reality & sat down to work.

Boy, did i drive it crazy or what!!
It lost its forgot the sense of hunger/thirst...the meaning of "fun" was lost for it.
All it could think was ME & only ME.
My beauty possessed it so bad that the sole reason of its life was to give life to me (yeah, i was like the Frankenstein...just more beautiful).

Then one day, its hard work paid off & my beauty was revealed completely to was successful in giving me a final form.

My original creator (the brilliant mind i referred to in the beginning) had bursts of happiness inside was so happy that tears ran out of the eyes of the person possessing it (ahh, silly fans!!).

As soon as i got linked up to the business, it bloomed & blossomed so quickly that everybody was shocked. My magic was so captivating that anyone who looked at me instantly felt the urge to make deals with the business i was representing.
So, i turned out to be lucky, as well as, very important for the business i was meant to represent.

I am a Logo...a logo that was designed!!

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