Tuesday, 29 May 2012

E-Commerce - Easy's & Hard's

E-Commerce is a very rapidly growing trend in today's world. Presence of a business in a well-known shopping plaza is bound to get you more customers, but add a successfully running website along with it & then you have everything you could ever wish for...let me repeat that "everything you could ever wish for"!!

Now, just from a general perspective, let's see what's so easy about this field of E-Commerce that it is growing so rapidly & what is so difficult about it that still attracts people to jump into the competition.

So, we'll begin with the "Easy" part...
Firstly, making up a website can be considered as one of the easy things to do here.
Because you can find companies doing that task for you very easily & effectively. All you have to do is to tell them you requirements, set up a budget & voila!! it will be done.

Then, the process of taking orders via the website is as easy as anything.
Because the customers will fill in the order form or send email or sign up for different packages displayed on facebook (or whatever might be the process specified over the website). You will only have to maintain a record of those orders, as they are requested.

Then comes the part of receiving payments, as easy as a pie!!
Because you have companies doing it for you. You just need to go take the cash whenever you need (a big grin on your face i suppose).

So, things like these fall under the easy side of E-Commerce!!

Now, come to the "Hard" things it has in store for you & me...
Let's go step-by-step:
So, start with getting traffic for your website...that's a tough job now. Working your way through SEO & keywords & search engines & adverts etc. is not an easy task.
Suppose you emerge victorious from this 1st struggle-battle...& there is another thing waiting for you on the other end
How to get people to visit you a 2nd time??
See, now it is not that easy, is it??

Moving on from the traffic issue, you don't just need people to visit your website, you need them to interact with it, buy things & sell things & all. You need to work on how to make them type in their credit card numbers (how to make them shop from you)..

& with all these things going on at one side, there are competitors to look out for...
I mean E-Commerce is a growing industry, isn't it? So, there are millions like you out there, striving for the very same thing as you are. You have to make your presence not only noticed but unique too.

So, you see, the hard things are as hard as the easiness of the easy things (bet you wouldn't understand this line in one go).

In short, if you're planing your future in E-Commerce...i've just got 2 words for you


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