Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Social Media Marketing - A Must!!

For the millionth time i argued with my brother over the social media importance. My brother is a newbie in the field of business. Now, he ain't anti-social but he sure is an anti-social-media person (he doesn't even own a Facebook account, can you believe it!!).

The day he announced that he'll begin with his own business, i kept on poking him to create pages and links over social media channels. He was of the view that they are a total waste of time. "Who would have time to look up for my name over Facebook & see how many fans i have? Or how many people are following my tweets? People are too busy updating & commenting on their own posts & pictures", he would say.

"It's the youth we are targeting here bro. How can you expect the younger generation to use any other means of information when they spend 95% of their times sitting in front of their screens?", i would ask.

"It's useless..", he would conclude & walk off.

Then, one day, it happened; an event that changed his life & his negativity against the social media. He had a friend (a very good friend, in fact) who moved somewhere abroad. He came to know about my brother's business & promised him a very heavy budgeted project. My brother was very excited about it. He spent days & nights gathering enough resources to make himself impressive & eligible for his upcoming clients. And, of course, he had even bigger plans for the money he'll soon be earning (I had a long list of things too that i'd ask him to get me).

In short, we were waiting anxiously for the clients' call...a week passed...then another week...& another week...& the whole month passed...no sign of the good friend or the heavy budgeted project.

One day, he caught his friend online. Upon inquiry, it was revealed to him that the clients thought a company having no social presence is not strong enough to handle such a big project (having a website was not enough in their view).
& CRASH!! came down my brother's big dreams.

When i came back home that night. I found him waiting for me (it was enough for me to guess that something was not right). A few moments of fumbling & mumbling & finally the truth was revealed to me.

I felt like laughing out loud, pointing to him & say "See, i told yaaa!!", but the dejected look on his face stopped me from doing so.
"So, what do you want from me??", despite feeling sad for him, i asked firmly (I can still get a few items out of the list i made....hahahahaha *evil laugh*).
"Please make accounts for me over the social media channels... I don't know what to do with them. Please manage them on my behalf", he pleaded.

"What?? I don't have that much time... It's a very difficult task", i lied to him.
"Please, i'll pay you...promise", he was near to tears.
"OK OK!! but i'll decide my salary myself", i grabbed the opportunity.
& it was settled.

I created the accounts for him & started managing his business & clients over them...posting new things he added...introducing new clients & projects...answering queries etc.
It took time to make him get noticed but finally we succeeded.
In the end, he got his accounts & a strong base for flourishing his business & i got my greens!!

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