Friday, 11 May 2012

Importance of User Interface

I was feeling very bored...nothing to do...didn't feel like working either...
So, i decided to explore some random websites (maybe i'll get some ideas for my next design). >>> good websites >>> *Enter*
& a whole list of links was displayed in front of me...
Thus, i began exploring...
Liked a few!!
Few were OK!!
Some were great!!
Some were a disaster!!
I came across a very eye-catching site & my mind drifted off somewhere else.
I am a designer myself (a bit self-obsessed), what was so special in this site that even i got attracted?? I started noting down the things that were creating the whole impact.

1) the color combination used was very appealing...they matched so well with one another that the whole screen looked alive & in harmony (you can achieve the color sense with practice)

2) the arrangement of text & other stuff was very neat. All had separate sections but yet the screen wasn't looking crowded (it's a difficult task putting so much on a single screen without creating a mesh)

3) the navigation was pretty smooth (i bet my 7-year nephew can operate this very well)

I assumed that it would have been an expensive project...the design was, for sure, a custom design & not a simple design template copy (my experience told me that). I was really impressed with the insight of both the client & the designer. Usually, what happens is that when we sit down to design or instruct a designer to design something for us, we tend to follow something that we have seen somewhere (not very innovative). Later, we wonder why don't the viewers are impressed.

The reason is that whatever we have put up there for them is nothing new,; they've already seen part of it somewhere & the other part somewhere else. So, the basic point for getting a good UI is to think about the look yourself.
Picture how you want it to look like...
User friendliness is not the only thing (though it is very important), but there are other things that need to be combined together with it to get a proper, attractive interface.
Only a brilliant mind can live up to the innovation level of the designing phase of a website.

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