Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Website Development - The Future - Our Future

People often ask us what we do
We say, "We develop websites.."
The next question, "Why websites...when you have a whole lot of other things to develop/build/construct"
The answer to this question is very complicated yet very simple, very elaborated yet very concise, very close to reality yet very philosophical.

In today's era there are people who are not aware of computers or internet or other technical gadgets and stuff. But if we take in account the younger generation today, their everyday tasks begin and end on technology. Now, they are the ones who hold the future.

Believe it or not, our future pioneers are getting used to the usage of gadgets for almost everything they do. So, keeping that in mind, we can clearly state that the future of the world totally resides on the world wide web. These websites that are just another means of communication and advertisement now days will clearly become the ONLY means of business in the near future.

Tell me how many times have you bought something just by seeing an advertisement over the television/radio or by reading about it in some newspaper/magazine or by hearing from your mates that this thing is good?
How many times have you made deals with people you heard or read about via the above mentioned sources?
Of course, none!!
Somehow, we are now used to trust things only if we can find enough information about them over the internet or find their website for the better.

So, the websites we develop are the only important things that our upcoming generation will be inheriting from us. By making them better & efficient, we are setting up a good example for our future pioneers.

People who say websites are a waste of time; a time which according to them can be utilized in devising up an even better business or marketing strategy, should know that if they go against this flow, all their brilliant strategies & plans will be a wastage of time for their heirs.

That's why we develop website...so we can give something to the future...so we can make an impact on the future...so we can leave our mark in the future!!

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