Wednesday, 25 April 2012

My Incomplete Code...

It all began on a stormy night. I was alone in the house...dark house (there was a power failure). Sitting by the window, staring out at the falling drops of water...the sky was crying (yeah, it was raining). Every now & then there would be a lightening flash, casting terrifying shadows over the streets & my window pane. The wind WHOOSHed & SWISHed against the pane as if trying to get in the room forcefully.

KNOCK!! KNOCK!! a tree bark tapped on the window. I ignored
KNOCK!! KNOCK!! it tapped again & again & again


Aargh!! i moved forward & opened the window clutch.

WHAM!! the panes blew & crashed against the sides.
A strong gush of wind went through me & SLAM!! the room's door was slammed shut. Within a second, my face was covered in little cold droplets of water carried by the strong winds. I felt a cold shiver run down my spine.

I laid back in my bed, staring out at the grey wild cloud-lets (little bits of clouds) skiing across the black background. The wind playing with my hair...rain droplets trickling down my face every now & then...i closed my eyes.

CREAK!! went the flooring of my room.
There's nobody in the house except me, who's walking around, questioned my mind. I opened my eyes & sat up. No one!!
Well, that's strange...i heard someone for sure.

I turned my head to the right & my eyes were dazzled by a sudden laptop screen. I turned it off...didn't i?? Yes i did...who could possibly turn it on?? Are my folks back??
I called out to my younger brother...*silence*
I called louder...*silence*
Nope, he ain't back yet...then who??

I got up & walked to the laptop desk. My project file was open (the one i was ignoring working on for so many days now). But strangely, the code was removed. It was a blank page staring back at me.
Ctrl+Z Ctrl+Z...nothing happened
Oh please don't tell me...all my hard could this be...who could have done was here...i wrote it...what could have gone wrong......

SLAM!! went the open window pane.
I rushed over to the window. The culprit must have entered from the open window. I tried to look through the heavy rain for a moving figure somewhere outside...nothing.
That could mean only one thing...i was not alone in the house any more...whoever did that to my code was still inside.

I closed the window & looked around for some kind of defense weapon to hold on to (if someone was daring enough to destroy my project, he could for sure be on a mission to destroy me too). I found my brother's baseball bat & thought it would do for now.

Carefully, i moved across the room, opened the door & peered out in the gloomy corridor. It was hard to see even, how can someone walk through it??

I was gathering courage to go out of the room when CREAK!! went the floor behind me. Suddenly, it dawned upon me, if the person would have moved out, i would have heard the door getting open...means that he was still in the room & (CRASH!! another lightning strike made shadows on the corridor wall) was most probably standing right behind me.

I closed my eyes, said a silent prayer, turned & smacked the bat with all my might on the person. My bat sliced thin air only. Surprised, i opened my eyes & WOAHHH!! i nearly had a heart attack.

& wait, what's this...
Oh My GOD!! This can't had a skin made out of my code...
My code has become alive
I opened my mouth to shout & 2 long tentacles made out of for loop covered my mouth & then my throat...choking me...
I was losing conscious...
& i died!!

(What?? My incomplete code killed me without any trace for the police to find the murderer...that's it...end of story...go complete your incomplete codes before you end up being deprived of your life from their hands)

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