Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Color Therapy of Coding

People always feel that coding is tiring. Anything becomes tiring if your brain loses interest in it. So, i've got some facts that might change the way your brain looks at the act of coding.

I've seen developers disliking the variety of colors provided by various platforms while/for writing code as they think it’s distracting & girly (yup, the he-developers); some are very fond of it as they think it makes coding easier, convenient & less boring (she-developers falls in the latter part mostly).

& I’m afraid I agree with the latter team too; it really does makes coding easier and fun. But my purpose of writing this blog is going a little beyond the usual fight of looking good & bad…

Color Therapy is a very well-known method in medicine. Now as they believe that each color has a special impact on human body, so does the developers of those platforms (this is my personal believe).

Now see, as you write a single piece of code, how many impacts it has on your brain
Dark blue stimulates clear thoughts and light blue calm the mind and aid concentration (you won’t hit your screen in case you are stuck somewhere)

It raises the pulse rate, giving the impression that time is passing faster than it is (you won't even know when it's time to go home)

It gives you rest & makes you feel fresh (you won't go yawning all day long)

It focuses our minds on comfort level of our body (your body won't go slopping down the working chair)

It communicates absolute clarity, sophitication & uncompromising excellence (you feel like the King of Coding World)

It gives a sharp insight of space (no matter how long codes you write, you'll always see room for more lines)

It lifts our spirits & confidence; it makes us hopeful (you won't shut everything down if your solution is not working)

So you see, colors are good & if coding is bad then we all know that in the fight between good & bad, the good will always win
So cheers!!
HaPPy CoDinG!!

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