Thursday, 12 April 2012

An Excuse - Why i couldn't blog yesterday??

Yesterday, while i was on my way to office, i was thinking about what should today's blog be...anything funny or interesting or scary or educational or innovative but BLANK!!!
I was so lost in my thoughts that i missed the sharp turn up ahead the road & CRASH!! my car bumped into the side railings & then  there was smoke everywhere.
Great!! what to do now?? I stood there for a second, thinking & then decided to start walking until i can find someone to give me a lift (fingers crossed!!)

So, i grabbed my bag & began walking...
I don't know what got into me & i decided to take a short cut through the woods (seems like the road was by a forest). It was a bright sunny day & the woods smell really fresh. I wondered why i never went for a walk there before.

I was lost in the beauty of nature around me when i saw smoke far away. Thinking the forest might be on fire (some people forget to put out fire after a camping trip in woods), i decided to go & see if there was a need to call the fire department.

Once i got there, i was surprised to find a little Gingerbread Cottage, with smoke coming out of the chimney. My curiosity got the best out of me and i went to take a closer look. It really was made out of gingerbread...fresh and mouth-watering gingerbread. I couldn't resist nibbling on an open window frame. It was so yummy!! I couldn't stop myself from eating more...i closed my eyes & buried my face in the frame...taking as much into my mouth as possible.

Ahem!! i heard someone...
I opened my eyes to find an Old Granny standing in the window looking at me. I presumed that she must be the owner of the house & i felt ashamed. I gulped down the bread in my mouth & stood there speechless. She looked at me from head to toe for a while & then smiled
"Ooo, why don't you come in dear & let me give you some of my freshly baked biscuits too. Old granny doesn't get many visitors here in the woods..."
Hesitantly, i accepted her invitation & went inside. It was a cute little cottage, just like out of a fairy tale. I sat down on a chair & the kind woman gave me her biscuits, they were even yummier than the bread. I started gobbling them down.

Granny smiled at me. She took out a large cauldron from a closet, hung it over the burning hearth & filled it with water. I looked at her questioningly (still gobbling the biscuits).

"Big enough for you to fit in eh??", she said & laughed. I smiled at her (poor thing, trying to be funny) & went back to eating.
"Why don't you come & stand here by the pot deary?", she pulled me up & started pushing me towards the boiling pot. I could almost feel the blazing fire on my skin...too close grandma...too close!! (you must have figured out by now that she was a witch who was trying to boil me up)

Howwwwwll!! came the sound from outside & SMASH!! went the cottage door. Entered a Big Bad Wolf.
Looked like i was being followed by the wolf but i was too pre-occupied by the natural beauty to notice his yellow eyes following me around. It leaped at granny with a long growl.
I ran to a side and watched the fight between the wolf & granny. They were fighting over whose meal am i gonna be (i was confused whether to feel lucky for being fought over OR sad as i'll be ending up in someone's stomach).

The wolf pushed granny into the bubbling cauldron. It was THE END of the witch & Beginning of the wolf era. It turned towards me. My heart leaped into my throat as he growled at me.

BANG!! came a loud gun shot & the wolf fell to the ground.
BANG!! another shot & it was dead for sure.
HURRAY!! came a cheer & along came Three Little Pigs. They picked up the wolf, packed him in a sack. Looked at me for a brief moment and rushed out jumping with joy.

I looked at the cauldron & it was still boiling, i peered out of the door but they were no where to be found. I stepped outside & started walking in one direction. Soon, i was back on the highway.
I got a lift & came back home. I was so tired that i went to sleep straight away
& that's why i couldn't blog yesterday...!!!

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