Friday, 6 April 2012

SWS - Yippee!! & Oh-Oh!! of Public Holidays

Public Holiday is a badly awaited thing by all living souls (if some one is not included in this list, he/she is "actually" not alive!!). People make big plans for their days off; family gatherings, picnics, late night movies and sometimes carrying out all chores around the house, like:
  • raking leaves
  • snow shoveling
  • spring cleaning
  • garage sales
  • fixing the pipes :p
Here at SWS, we undergo the same kind of feelings when public holidays are around the corner. Some time away from the computer screens and softwares feel

Whenever we see a highlighted holiday in our calenders, BOOM!! goes happiness in our tiny brains.
Yippee!! no more getting up early (enjoy lazy breakfasts)
Yippee!! no more staring at computer screens (blank - sleepy to even think what goes into the header line)
Yippee!! no more waiting for coffee-breaks (have it whenever your heart says)
Yippee!! no more client updates (they are all away on vacations)
Yippee!! no more executive chairs to twist on (only executive beds to rest on)
Yippee!! no more dress code (only worn-out sleeping suits all day long)
Yippee!! Yippee!! Yippee!!

Every client is happy and wishing us a happy holiday break. So, we rock and roll away the time and be as lazy as we can possibly be through the break!!

Time flies when you are having a great time & therefore, we end up back in the same building, on the same chairs, with the same screens giving us their icy-stares.

But this is only the initial description of what dreadful end lies ahead of us...
Oh-Oh!! there's a due milestone in the next 24-hours
Oh-Oh!! i still need to make the corrections the client pointed
Oh-Oh!! the client is demanding updates over his project
Oh-Oh!! didn't i already debug this part before the holidays??
Oh-Oh!! Oh-Oh!! Oh-Oh!!

All good things come to an end, an end that is as dreadful as blissful the holidays were.

Praise the Lord Team SWS!!!
You are warriors, surviving war after war between the Yippee!! and Oh-Oh!!

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