Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Anti-Social Life - A Developer's Biography

There i was
Sitting on the high throne...
My people standing in front of me...
Waiting for the moment.
The Chief appeared
A shining gold crown over his head.
Everybody stood up as he took the crown in his hand
Moved forward to place it on my head

TRRRRIINGGG!! I woke up with a judder. My alarm clock brought me back from wonderland.
Maaan!! i was about to be crowned as the king & this alarm clock...curses!!

I fell back on my pillow & closed my eyes as if that dream would re-start from where my stupid alarm clock broke the flow.
I dozed off without realizing it & woke up again to find that i was half-hour late for work.
I jumped up, got dressed & hurried downstairs. I gulped down a glass of water & rushed outside. I drove to office as fast as i could without caring about my speed or the vehicles around me. Once there, i apologized for my being late and went straight to my cell (it was looking like one at that time).

It wasn't long before my mobile started ringing. It was a friend of mine. I ignored and went back to glaring at the screen in front of me; but the ringing never stopped. Unwillingly, i answered it & OH MY GOD!! it was my best friend's birthday today & they were all at his place, waiting for ME!!

I felt like ripping my head apart. I didn't even wish him last night & here i am again stuck in this cell...GOD!! what did i do to deserve this imprisoned life??
With a heart, heavier than the weight of my office building itself, i told them i couldn't join them & put down the phone. I knew my best friend would be more furious than a Bengal Tiger or maybe a Tiger Shark even.
I gave a desolate look at the metallic window in front of me. I felt like a prisoner sentenced to life-imprisonment...or maybe a metallic robot like that in front of me...or maybe a bird in a cage...or maybe a flower pressed inside an old book for ages...or maybe...i don't know!! (i would have started crying if my Project Manager wasn't around me or if it wouldn't have been for the security camera over my head).

Oh how i wished to go back to my student life; when life was all fun & frolics.
Getting late only meant a few missed notes which can be copied any time from a friend. Here, the risk is losing your job & your greens (money).
Back in those days, i used to lie to avoid attending a family dinner & now, how i desperately want to be there, but i can't because some code of mine seems to be in an infinite loop.
Fighting brothers & a nagging little sister seemed so annoying back then but how i miss not even seeing them for days because some database is not getting integrated.
Staying up late was only for movies with friends or late-night hangouts with buddies; now it's only to meet deadlines.

Long story short
Coding & debugging is what i
Hang out with
Spend time with....
(& the list goes on & on)


  1. hahahah.... excellent... you are right.... :)

  2. this is brilliant! reminds me of someone i know...he goes by the name of ZACK MATTHEWS!