Tuesday, 17 April 2012

The Storms in the Brain => Brainstorming

When we sit down to write something...anything...usually we go blank (just as the white paper/screen in front of us). A very common approach in such a situation is “OK, let's start writing & see what we end up with!!(Developers following this technique create “masterpieces”…you know what I mean!!) & we end up with feeling more lost than we actually were in the beginning.

So, there’s a problem here…
You ask someone what to do now & they say, “Do some brainstorming(what on earth is that??)

That little compartment GOD has made on top of your body (yes I’m referring to your head) contains something squishy & slimy; like flexible pipes twirled & twisted on top of each other…that is called a Brain & it helps you think (bet you didn’t know that). So, when you sit down to think, you’re actually poking your brain to tell you the answer to your problem (you are lazy enough to do anything yourself *sigh*). So now, your brain needs to think (yeah, I think a brain can think).
& you know what a Storm is…right?? Violent winds, thunders, lightening, heavy rains etc. etc.

So, does that mean you need rainfalls and hurricanes in your brain to get any idea? No silly, that is not happening!!
But if you want you can relate the natural storms with the storm in your brain… (See how the storm sounds relate to the brain process):
  • BOOM – an idea pops
  • CRASH – irrelevant point
  • SWOOSH – no that won't look good
  • CRACK – this looks perfect
  • SPARK – yup, that matches
  • DRIP DRIP – this point is relevant & ooo that too

When we get atmospheric storms, what do they result in? A clean & fresh environment, sparkling flowers, pleasant winds etc. (let’s ignore the destructive part for now *hehehe*)
So, the “storm” part in Brain-Storming also refers to the after effects of the storm i.e. when you are done with it, you get mesmerizing & energetic ideas.

It's a healthy exercise
  • It tells you your brain still lives & functions (believe me I’ve seen people living without one)
  • It gives you a chance to explore & re-explore your brain to the last inch (you don’t want to lose a part of your brain by not using it – Lamarck’s Theory of Inheritance of Acquired Characteristics)
Now, the next time someone asks you to brainstorm, you know how to do it (avoid making the storm sounds if you can please!!).

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