Monday, 23 April 2012

When all was lost...

It had been 12 hours now & i still had no clue as to what the problem was. I've checked every possible detail but could not find anything wrong...yet, there was something wrong.

When i started my work today, i had no idea i would be stuck over this; i had planned way ahead of this. I just had a cup of tea in the morning, thinking i'll have an early lunch but it was almost dinner time now & i hadn't eaten a bite all day long. My stomach was, instead, occupied with knots...anxiety knots.

What could have possibly gone wrong?? I had worked very carefully (was i that much sleepy last night to goof something i don't think so...i was up for only 62 hours then...not a big deal).

I checked
& thought
& searched
& re-checked
& re-thought
& re-searched
but in vain...

Lord!! Help me pleeeeease...
My mind was an about-to-erupt-volcano (when you put in too eventually comes out)
My eyes were ready to pop out of the sockets (i was literally licking the screen with my eye balls)
My index finger was about to be divided by 2 (scrolling the mouse up & felt like i could never move my finger again)
My neck was about to CREAK!! & CRACK!! (a tensed mind definitely results in a tensed body)
My shoulders were about to run off from my body (or i could be the next Hunchback of Notre Dame)

Who on Earth advised me to become a developer?? If i were a photographer instead, i would be out enjoying the rain (yes, it was an awesome rainy day outside) & not stuck here with this erroneous code. If only i could find that person who dragged me in this field, I'd skin him alive...(oh wait, it was me myself...take my words back)

There was only 1 thing left to do...yes, worshipping the program to spare me the horror & reveal the Hidden Bug to me.
Now how do you worship a program?? (fingers scrolling the page up & down)
*blank* (fingers scrolling the page up & down)
OK that won't work...let's think of something else (fingers scrolling the page up & down)
i accidentally clicked at a line & the world was enlightened again...the dark clouds were gone...the sun was shining...the birds were singing
no wait, not my heart
You Rock Man!!
with watery eyes, i kissed my hand that clicked the right spot & went back to work.

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