Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Let's Change the World!!

You know we developers have the ability to change the world that you live in...wondering how...well, it's simple, by our developments.

Now you must be thinking that our developments are not even impactful enough to change our office environment (where we are tortured day & night), how on Earth can they possibly change the face of the world (underestimating us...hmm??). Let's take a quick tour of our access range:

Let us begin with the areas very near & dear to you...how about the little toy you hold in your hand for texting & making calls & gaming etc. etc. (talking about a simple cell phone here). It was us who provided you with all these facilities. Imagine if we hadn't worked on them...texting would still be writing letters...calls would still need a corded phone...games would still be out in the fields (Ha! i can see the color draining from your face).

Moving to the device you are using right now to read this (or earlier versions of computer). We made that happen too. If it wasn't for us, "browsing" wouldn't exist in any dictionary even. Your studies would totally be based on books & old journals & other stuff; your business would still be restricted to local zones or expensive tours (now you're really turning white).

OK let's move a little bit away from you. Take banks now...you know, where you keep your most precious assets. Suppose we devise a system that will transfer all the money in every bank of the world to our personal accounts, then you will be earning & we will be spending...or let us NOT provide you security & anyone can use up the money in your account (wooah, is that sweat on your forehead??). Imagine what will happen to your economy; rather, the world's economy.

Alright, let's go general (I'm sparing you the horrors of knowing every little detail of how you'll suffer if we wouldn't be around). Every little gadget you utilize, every little technological aspect you exploit is there because WE developed it & if it wasn't for us, you'd still be stuck in the stone age (there, felt a little heart-attack??).

So, as i was saying that we developers can change the face of the world you exist in (better not deny me this time). We have the ability, the power, the knowledge, the access, the rights, the tools & the techniques to mold your every day's life in whatever shape we want...
& we soon will someday
OK, I've to get back to my JAVA code (it's due today so changing the world has to wait)
But I'm telling you that we will change the world someday...someday soon!!

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