Monday, 16 April 2012

PM - Behind the Scenes!!

I am a Project Manager...

When you normally tell someone that you are a project manager, they picture you as a person:
  • Roaming aimlessly in the office (with a devilish smile)
  • Giving commands (or lectures in case you've done something wrong)
  • Sitting all day long in his cabin doing nothing (coming out only to check if everyone's at his workstation)
  • Circling around you all day long if a deadline is nearby (shouting over your head that you should have hurried with the things)
  • Finding faults with whatever work you have done (& you were thinking he'd be thanking you for your hardwork)
etc. etc.
In Short, if you have a forceful Boss, you are for sure to have a bossy Project Manager.

Now, this doesn't mean that i am a bossy one...nooo, my team is really fond of me =]
But we are talking about general perception here...right??

So, as i was telling that the overall image...general image...of a project manager is not very good. People think that it's an easy way of earning money, without doing anything.
Now that's wrong!!

You see, even when i am sitting idle, there are a whole lot of hurricanes twirling & swirling through my brain. I am constantly thinking about ways to meet deadlines, fully utilize the allocated resources, solve issues between teammates, brief the newly demanded feature from client side (in a manner that won't make my team's head go CUCKOO!! CUCKOO!!) & other issues that my team has not even the slightest idea of.

If you think developers & programmers spent sleepless nights meeting deadlines, we project managers spent sleepless weeks arranging & scheduling the time preceeding those deadlines...i can't recall when was the last time i slept peacefully...maybe a month back...oh no, that was when i had my vasovagal episode (fainting) (yeah, that can happen when you are in a condition as i was).

You people think that PM stands for Project Manager only...wrong again
The P is for:
  • People you have to look after (clients, boss, team)
  • Pressure you have to bear
  • Problems you have to deal with
  • Projects you have to manage
The M is for
  • Money matters you have to handle (even if it means a simple lunch arrangement for the team)
  • Machines you needs to look after
  • Motivation you have to provide to your team
  • Messages you have to convey from boss to team, clients to team, team to boss, team to client, boss to client, client to boss (woahhh!! i lost track of my words...)
So you see, this is not an easy task. Yet " I ", the project manager:
  • Greet everyone with a fresh face
  • Walk around the office with full energy
  • Solve problems with an innovative mind
  • Guide you with a smiling face
& still they say i have no work to do...*sigh*!!

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