Thursday, 19 April 2012

A Possessed Designer

There i was, feeling annoyed & angry because of what the light rays had transmitted through my cornea onto my retina & into my brain. At first, i thought that maybe the cons of my eyes have gone insane, but no (i can still see the green trees & the blue sky & a yellow sun & my dyed my vision & color sense is perfectly alright), this can mean only 1 thing...the gigantic billboard in front of me was really a mesh of colors thrown randomly here & there (more like they let kids have a color fight over it).

I was standing under it with my head raised to a 45 degree angle for the last i don't know how many minutes (many people have stopped by my side to look up for whatever i was staring at so intently & have moved thinking that i might be from the family of Mad Hatter...the character, not Johnny Depp). I was unable to believe how a company having guts to advertise can come up with such a childish & non-professional advertisement for their product (yeah, i believe if you dare do something, you should do it right).

The colors were all wrong; the pictures were too randomly placed; the tag line was not prominent enough; the background should have been pink instead of red & that big "T" in the middle is not at all giving a perfect look...I would have done it way better than this...If only i knew who has designed it, i can knock some sense into that person...What was he thinking while placing those flowery borders on the right edge...the middle picture should have been in a sepia-tone...
My thoughts were getting far out of control.

A car honked loudly behind me & brought my mind out of the whirlpool of what's been done & what could have been done.
Are you alright? I'm like calling you for the past 5 minutes... What are you so engrossed in??
My mom got out of the car & began her inquiry while looking up for the source of my distraction. I was eyeing her weirdly as if how can't she see how terrible the world has become (well for me it was sort of that way) but somehow she did not look bothered at all; instead, she seemed a bit worried (maybe scared too) by the look on my face. She grabbed me by the arm and pulled me towards the open car door, looking cautiously around to see if someone was watching us (maybe she thought I've been possessed or something).

She turned the car around & started driving with a worried expression on her face. I was still looking out the window up to that billboard. As the car turned, my head turned with it & now i was sitting on the front seat, tilted towards the back, still staring at the billboard from the back window.
Stop doing that!! came my mom's worried voice as she jerked my shoulder to make me sit straight. I obeyed silently.

But now i stretched out my hand & re-adjusted the side view mirror so that the board was visible to me through it. My mom shifted slightly to my side & lightly touched my forehead to check if my body temperature was normal (now she must be certain about me being possessed). I sat there, silently watching the billboard disappear behind me. My mind shouting that this means war; the tribe of designers has a traitor somewhere within who is planning of ruining our repute & future by polluting the minds of others about us. Something has to be done about it or all will be wasted...ruined...destroyed...

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