Friday, 13 April 2012

When someone asks me what i develop...

I hate going to social gatherings.
Meeting new people is on the top of "Things i Hate doing the MOST!!"...especially if it includes old people.

You must be wondering i am a loner or some kind of a freak who doesn't like having friends around him. Some of you might think i have attitude problems. Some of you must be picturing me as a short snobby millionaire; grey hair standing on the edges on my ear; spectacles sitting on the far edge on my nose; a derby hat on my head (tilted to one side); one hand tucked inside my pocket; a cane in the other hand; a fierce frown on my face; sitting on piles of money (like Scrooge Mc'Duck).

In reality, i am not at all like that...i'm just a DEVELOPER...a plain ol' developer!!
Really?? A developer hating anything besides coding and computer're a weird man!!

Actually, you're not getting the point here...
You see, when i go to gatherings or when i meet new people, i always end up being interviewed by the humans walking around me (well yeah, i don't think we developers are considered humans any more). Along with all other sorts of questions, 1 very basic question that everyone NEVER seems to forget asking is:
What do you Do?
Me: I'm a developer
What do you develop?
& i go *blank*

I mean what sort of question is this? I said am a developer...right?? Don't you know what do developers do?? They develop...I am a i develop...What's so hard to understand??

I tried answering it once to daddy's old friend
Me: I develop softwares (followed by a fake smile)
What's a software??
& i felt like hitting him so hard on the head that he forgets his monocle is to be placed over his eye and his pipe in his mouth...(Grrrrrr!!)
i tried to remember the definition of a software from my school times but in vain (yeahhh you got it right...i wasn't the high achiever of the batch).

Me: It's what makes a computer run...(no wait, that's the operating system)
It's what we run on computers...u know the applications & stuff
Applications?? We used to write applications on papers back in our days & there were no developers writing them for us, how things have changed now... (& here goes another long story of how things were back in their times)
Aaarrrgghhh!! Give me a break old man!!

So, you see people who don't know anything about this ask questions that makes no sense & either i end up getting lectured about the generation gaps or they all think i'm lying as i don't know the answers to the very basic questions even.

Is it my fault that they don't know what developers develop?? Or what's a software?? Or what applications run on computers??
I am a developer & I develop!!

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