Friday, 20 April 2012

Make way for a Freelancer!!

Hello everyone!!
My name is Susanne & Michael & Sandra & Alexandra & Tom & Jerry & Larry & Diana & Charles & Raj & Raja & Rani...tell me any name & it's me...
I go by any name, at any location...tell me your project & my profile will change accordingly. I don't have a fixed identity, yet i create identifying marks for you (whatever you hire me for adds more to your name...right?).

People think freelancing is not a proper job...the general rule book says if you leave your house at 9am, sit on a desk in a building crowded with people like you, go about getting commands from your boss all day long & come back home at 5pm, only then you have a proper job. Well, i tell you that freelancing is even more a tougher job in itself than the 9 to 5 routine you call a job. Let's see...shall we??

Freelancer - A CEO
I formulate my own rules
I set my own goals
I formulate my own budget
I communicate with the clients
I make decisions based on his requirements & my resources
I promote myself, my-self
I myself take care of my PR

Freelancer - A Project Manager
I formulate my own working strategy
I motivate myself, my-self
I do self-evaluations
I categorize my own tasks
I monitor my own performance
I manage my own projects

Freelancer - A Developer
I write my own code
I test my own code
I find errors in my own work
I update my tools myself
I update my clients myself

Freelancer - A Designer
I make my own designs
I implement my own designs
I ammend my own designs

So, you began by giving job openings in newspapers & websites, then you call for interview, then you ask questions from each & every person, then you select some of them & reject others, then you assign them posts, then you brief them their work & then you begin with your project.
Whatever things you do after formulating a complete team, i do all alone.

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