Monday, 9 April 2012

Importance of Optical Mouse - A Love Story

When i got to my table early this morning, i noticed my litmus mouse (it gives out blue and red lights - just as a litmus paper changes color for acids and bases) missing from my blue mouse-pad.

OMG!! Where could it be??
Under the table? No!!
In the drawer? No!!
Beneath the file stack? No!!
In my laptop bag? No!!
In the dustbin? No!! (you'll know by the end why i checked there)
My precious little mouse was gone ='(

Sadly, i switched on my system. But today wasn't the same. It wasn't there blinking happily at me, eager for me to start my work. My mouse-pad was sadly staring up at me (remember it was blue & blue means sad...right??)
How am i ever going to work without it by my side?
BING!! i got a message from my colleague to send him a file i was supposed to. Ignoring my previous feelings, i used the touch-pad to open up the file & started working. I got engrossed into my work soon.

My flow was interrupted by an upgrade reminder of my anti-virus. Angry on the interruption, i moved my hand to the right to click "OK" on the pop-up & get rid of that annoying message. i curled my fingers over the usual place but all i caught was air. I looked towards my right annoyingly only to find the resting spot of my beloved litmus mouse empty...and the feeling returned!!

I closed my eyes & sank back into my chair. The memories of me & my dear mouse flashed before me like a film-reel:
When we 1st met: there i am holding it for the 1st time & look how brightly it's twinkling in my hand
How it encouraged me: there i am so tired with all the work load, dejectedly I've placed my head over the table & it shines up the glossy table surface with its light to catch my attention & tell me that it's there with me through all this
How it came in handy whenever i was angry: there i am angry about that software not working, enraged, I've banged it on the table (if I hit it hard enough, it can end up in the dustbin) & it's looking back at me sadly (blue light ON)
How it helped me think: there i am moving it around the screen aimlessly, thinking about my work
How it saved my time: i am trying to skim through that long document & it's there sliding the pages down with a little move of my finger
Oh all those cherished memories of my beloved mouse!!
KNOCK!! KNOCK!! on the door draws me back to reality.
It was one of my colleagues & he was holding my dear little litmus mouse in his hand.
"Sorry, i borrowed it last night...", he placed it on my table & left
With shaky hands, i lifted my mouse & plugged it in.
BLINK!! it came to life & my mouse-pad shimmered with red & blue lights. Oh, how happy i was to get it back.
Staring at it for a brief moment, i held it & went back to work!!

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