Thursday, 5 April 2012

SEO - The Story

I was getting very late and i wanted to find all the stuff in the list my mom gave to me early in the morning, fast and cheap. I stepped out of my car. Just a minute of standing and observing all the stores around me.
BINGO!! there's a neat store that will have all the items i need...
I went inside, and within an hour, i was done.

Well, that was easy...right??

But when i reached home and handed it over to my mom, i came to know there was another store somewhere on the back side of the market that was even high in quality and low in prices...
I mean how would i know?? They should have put up some sign or something on the front... Who told them to open up on the back when there were similar stores on the front... Not my fault mom!!

Easy to understand...right??

Now that store on the back could be you IF and only IF you don't use SEO; losing all your customers to that store on the front, despite having better quality and more variety and low prices etc. etc.

In short, when people search for stuff online, they only tend to click on the websites appearing on the 1st page of the search result; hardly ever the other pages are noticed. SEO gets you on that 1st page!!

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