Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Super Sunny Day at SWS

Today's an awesome day here at SWS...

We had a refreshing meeting early in the morning; got all our tasks lined up for the day.
Back at our workstations, we updated our To-Do lists and buckled up for the ride of the day. ;-)

At mid-break, we decided to celebrate our glorious day & had a mouthwatering feast with our whole team!! Our teammates put in their hearts & souls to get things done efficiently for our clients. So, it's good to have a little break after a long period of tedious work. We take great care of our team because we know, at the end, it's them who put in the efforts to make a day successful.

Half of the day has passed and we are through most of the things!!
Got loads of our tasks completed!!
Made many of our clients happy ^.^/
Go Team SWS!!

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